A Peaceful Death for Your Beloved Pet

Helping Animals Pass on With Dignity


A Peaceful Death for Your Beloved Pet

Helping Animals Pass on With Dignity

In-Home Euthanasia to Give Pets a Peaceful Death

Saying goodbye to our pets is never easy. When someone who loved us unconditionally is faced with a life of pain, a peaceful death may be the kindest act we can offer. That is why A Gift of Peace is here to help. I am Dr. Veronica Gandara, a passionate veterinarian providing in-home pet euthanasia services across the Charlotte Metropolitan Area and North and South Carolina.

What Sets Me Apart

As a pet-lover myself, I understand that it’s a monumental gift of love when you set aside your grief to end your beloved animal’s suffering. You can count on me to provide the most gentle and compassionate service.

The Benefits of In-Home Pet Euthanasia

Your pet will not have to go through upsetting car rides or a sudden change of environment. I will make sure that they’re surrounded by loving family and friends during their final moments.

Questions About Your Pet's Illness


Mary Guy Medini

"Dr. G made a home visit to help my Mom’s elderly dog peacefully cross the bridge. Her kindness, compassion, and gentle manner helped my Mom realize she was doing the best thing she could to help Muffin and that choosing to her go peacefully into the light was a decision made from love. Thank you, Dr. Gandara"

Jessica Jansson

"Dr. G is truly an angel on earth. I couldn’t have imagined a better experience when having to put my beloved dog to sleep. She showed so much gentleness, compassion, and love and treated my dog as if he were her own. I cannot thank her enough."

Rob Dayton

"Even though circumstances dictated that we were not able to use Dr. G. for her services, she has been most thoughtful, attentive, and helpful as we went through this painful process. I cannot say thank you enough to her and would like to recommend A Gift of Peace to anyone."